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  About World Wide International

Worldwide International is one of the lading manpower services. We provide the best results in the domain of placements and overseas education, Specially in Hospitality Industry. Moreover, give aspirants in India and abroad help realize their dream careers by simplifying it.

We have tie ups with the leading Hospitality, B.P.O/ K.P.O and IT sector. This allows us to give you best value for your money. We understand and appreciate that your time is precious and therefore we have developed our systems and process in such a way that you get instant answers to all your queries and get complete information before every step that you take with us. Transparency and honesty is the hallmark or our operations. Our business philosophy is to give the best possible results to clients who keep their faith in us rather than focusing on acquiring new customers.


We understand that success does not happen overnight and understanding each need of a candidate or an organization is vital to get the desired results. Thus we work on a threefold approach: Evaluate, decipher,  deliver. The evaluation process is a thorough understanding of the requirement followed by deciphering  the requirement by evaluation, interpretation and decoding it for delivery that mitigates into the desired solution. A solution in getting the right candidate for an organization or finding the right organization for the candidate..